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1.    Spiritual Holiday Eco-Tourism to spread peace, prosperity and consensus in India and neighbor    Tourism for Development (A managerial approach) 
(Released at SLITHM, Srilanka )    Jun.2011,ISBN: 978-81-8457-312-1     Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi India
2.    CRM within the context of Change Management in Tourism & Hospitality Business    Indian service Sector (Present scenario and future perspective)     January 2011,  ISBN:978-93-81142-15-8,     Manglam Publication, New Delhi India
3.    Relationship Management the key of Competency building strategies for sustainable development of Tourism & Hospitality Business    Competency building strategies in business & technology    Sept.’2011, Vol-1 ISBN:978-81-921764-1-3    Masilamani Pathippgam, Chennai India
4.    CRM based technology to fill the gap of human touch and intangible experience in tourism and hospitality sector   Next Generation Tourism & Technology Solution    July.’2011, ISBN: 978-81-906294-7-8    GIFT Publishing, New Delhi ,India
5.    Consumer Behaviour practices in Tourism & Hospitality Industry: Problems & Solutions    Tourism for Development (Strategic Approcah) 
  July,2012, ISBN No. 978-93-812121-8-9    Bharti Publication, New Delhi, India
6.    Relationship Management for the sustainable growth and development of inter-continental trade and tourism business.    Tourism for Development (Strategic Approcah) (Released at Tashkent Uzbekistan)    July,2012 ISBN No. 978-93-812121-8-9    Bharti Publication, New Delhi India
7.    Open Learning System and Distance Education mode for Sustainable Development of Tourism to Transform India.    Tourism Education and Future Initiative      Year- 2013 ISBN-978-81-71395750 Pg.-71-89    Jnanada Prakashan, New Delhi, India
8.    RM-SM Model to empower rural economy for balance growth    Tourism towards new horizon (Released at Taylor University Malaysia)    Jan.2014
ISBN No- 978-81-8457-556-9     Kanishka Publication, New Delhi India
9.    Spiritual Holiday Tourism:A major pulling factor for the socio-economic development of Bihar ,Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development: Agenda for Tourism &   Hospitality Industry    Feb’2015 ,ISBN 978-93-85000-05-8    Bharti Publication New Delhi, India
10.    Rural Economic Development and new venture creation: opportunities through tourism business    Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation International Models and Benchmarks(IIMBBRIC’2011)    Dec’2011, Full Paper in Conference Proceeding    IIM, Bangalore, India
11    Introspection of Relationship Management in Tourism & Hospitality    Tourism Innovation & Challenges in the age of M-Commerce (Released in International Conference at Manila, Philippines)    July’2015, ISBN 978-9385000-35-5, Pg.13-32    Bharti Publication New Delhi, India
12.    Emerging Areas of Tourism and its adjectival : Invaders or Ambassador (RM based Approach)    Tourism Innovation & Challenges in the age of M-Commerce
(Released in International Conference at Manila, Philippines) ,   July’2015, ISBN 978-9385000-35-5,Pg.120-131    Bharti Publication New Delhi,India
13.    Organic food farming & rural tourism development: Indian perspective    Tourism Mercantilism and Human Happiness    Feb.’2016 ISBN -97881910666-7-8, pg.161-175    Mumukshu Publication of Humanities, Dept. of Commerce, SS(PG) College, Shahjanpur, U.P.
14.     Day Driving to control the carbon emission from transports: perspective of Ecotourism    IJSR- International Journal of Scientific Research (Online & Print), (Open Access Journal)    Volume:5, Issue:4, April 2016, ISSN No-2277-8179, pg.646-649, IF-3.508, IC Value-69.48    - International Journal of Scientific Research
15.    Linking Relationship Management to Sustainable Development: Perspective of Wildlife Conservation and Ecotourism in the Gambella Region of Ethiopia 
    Global Journal  For Research Analysis(Online & Print) Open Access Journal,     Volume-5, Issue-12, December’2016, Pg.201-206,ISSN No-2277-8160,
IF-3.62    Global Journal  For Research Analysis,